Battlestar galactica ship

battlestar galactica ship

These are the ships that are in Galactica's fleet (in the reimagined series!). Those that don't have an available image, were never actually shown, just mentioned. Galactica Class Battlestar · Viper Mark II · Viper Mark VII · “Cloud 9 was a massive vessel of unusual design that contained a five-star restaurant, theater. Battlestar Galactica. Check the All Cylon Vessels | | Show Miscellaneous Ship Designs | Show Official Designs | General Battlestar Galactica Bibliography.

Battlestar galactica ship - hat

The Galactica herself is never seen using them or even referring to having them. Most visited articles Battlestar Galactica Series Humanoid Cylon Twelve Colonies Final Five Cylons Earth Number Seven. A squadron of Raptors jumps from Galactica' s starboard landing bay, destroying it in the process, and the battlestar is rammed into the colony. In the re-imagined series, there were about Battlestars in service prior to the second Cylon attack. Browse Related Browse Related. battlestar galactica ship

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